SA Future Energy 2.0

5th, March 2018

TEC-C Investments has been invited to present in SA Future Energy 2.0 Conference in Adelaide (14 – 15 March )

Conference Overview: South Australia is leading the charge in Australia with investment across the “future energy” portfolio. With a diversified and cutting edge collection of projects from industrial scale battery storage, wind energy, large scale solar – PV and solar thermal – to pumped hydro, the virtual power plant, and new gas fired generation, the suite of new energy initiatives is simply breathtaking.

TEC-C Investment’s Presentation: In the context of the challenging scenario of energy pricing and stability in South Australia, to develop renewable and hybrid projects of sufficient scale to have a meaningful impact, from a market as well as infrastructure point of view, a fundamental component to building these projects is having a Power Purchase Agreement or PPA. Mark Schneider, has intimate knowledge of the energy market in South Australia, and more widely in Australia, having initially developed one of Australia’s best known wind farms, Hornsdale Wind Farm, with a capacity of 315 MW, which has now served as the location to build the Tesla’s 100 MW battery. Mark, has now brought his depth of experience to solar and hybrid solutions that are delivered through TEC-C Investments to on-grid and off-grid customers that are looking to access lower cost and more reliable energy.

Wednesday 14th March at 14:30

Offtakes take-off – The changing market for Power Purchase Agreements
Mark Schneider, Director at TEC-C Investments

  • The conventional PPA story
  • Recent developments
  • What has changed?
  • Where are we headed?
  • What does this mean for renewable energy developers, retailers and end-use customers?

We look forward to meeting you if you are in Adelaide or are attending the event so we can discuss in more detail your specific challenges and requirements you may have.

Please contact us through our form so we can coordinate.