Our Solutions


Fully funding and financing renewable power solutions for mines and remote communities is one of our specialities. There is no capital outlay. From the outset, we source debt and equity finance from our institutional funding partners, covering the entire construction cost. And our customers simply pay the cost competitive tariff that our renewable energy generator provides.

Most importantly, we build on time and to budget, delivering a safer rate of return for our investors and reducing costs for our customers.

With our full service range, you will benefit from a low risk, high value renewable power solution. We not only provide assistance with debt and equity pricing and procurement, and advise on feasibility and bankability, but we can also assist you on the commercial side with project development, permits, network connections and power sales contracts.


With TEC-C Investments, expect nothing less than engineering perfection, demonstrated by our 100% successful track record in delivering innovative, seamless turnkey power solutions.

TEC-C engineers deliver meticulous primary design solutions, beginning with earthworks, foundation details, earthing systems, steel structures, primary plant layouts, as well as grid or off grid connection solutions.

And, from there we support you with advanced utility grade secondary systems, including control and protection, and SCADA systems.

The benefit is that you enjoy a risk free, utility grade renewable power source.


Powering your mine or remote community begins by turning the first piece of dirt in the ground.

We project manage the entire Design & Construct process, in-house, so we’re always in control. Our team takes all aspects of approved designs, and brings them to seamless, hassle free procurement and construction fruition. From civil works, including bulk earthworks, foundation systems and steelwork, to approved OEM equipment installation, MV & LV cabling systems and sophisticated secondary systems.

You’ll experience faster and more efficient implementation, and receive a comprehensive, meticulously constructed solution. On time and to budget. With significantly reduced risk to all parties. And with a critical focus on quality, safety and environmental procedures.

The benefit to you is absolute peace of mind because you receive a complete, end-to-end renewable power solution, from conception to completion.


Commissioning is critical to your peace of mind. It proves the ability of our designed and constructed generator to provide your mine or remote community with a reliable, secure energy source throughout its lifetime.

So, we are passionate about this phase, because it clearly demonstrates our team’s attention to detail during the design and construct phases. Rest assured, we have proven skills to effectively commission all aspects of your project.


Our team continues to support you long after the power solution is constructed and commissioned. Having designed and constructed the entire renewable energy solution, we intimately understand how the plant runs. You benefit from absolute peace of mind and a risk free solution: our team will maximise power availability and reliability, so you can focus on running your mine.