1st December 2020

Molong Solar Farm 66/33kV, 30/36MVA substation is successfully energised


TEC-C Investments has energised its first full EPC 66/33kV, 30/36MVA Substation connected to TransGrid. We are so proud of our focussed grid connection team. Delivered to an unrivalled quality standard, in record time, 3 months ahead of schedule without a hitch, showing how an optimally sized & focussed company can deliver just as well as the tier 1’s. This is proof that great projects can be done without a big balance sheet. Use more agile, focussed and smart companies rather than balance sheets to get the perfect project.

This has been an amazing journey, from having established TEC-C Investments in June of 2016, starting from scratch, to executing a project flawlessly, to the highest quality and safety standards, subject to the most stringent technical and engineering requirements.

We almost made it look easy.

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